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Freeview HD receivers on course for early 2010 launch

by Parm Mann on 15 September 2009, 16:26

Tags: Humax, Freeview

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A couple of the industry's biggest TV receiver manufacturers were on hand at the IBC Expo in Amsterdam over the weekend to demonstrate products supporting the upcoming Freeview HD broadcast standard.

One of the first to be seen is a Humax set-top box, pictured below by wotsat.com. Although only at the prototype stage, Humax's yet-to-be-named Freeview HD receiver features a single tuner supporting both DVB-T2 and DVB-T.

Although we expect to see dual-channel PVRs sooner rather than later, Humax's single-tuner box throws in a couple of added features. According to reports, the Freeview HD receiver will offer support for DLNA-compliant media streaming and the ability to extend storage via USB. With a couple of these boxes in a single household, we presume, then, that content recorded on one TV could be streamed to another via the Humax receiver.

Also demonstrating Freeview HD at the IBC Expo was UK manufacturer Pace. The Saltaire-based company showed off its first DVB-T2 receiver and announced plans to follow up with a Freeview+ HD digital TV recorder at a later date.

What's interesting is that both Humax and Pace are expected to introduce their first Freeview HD receivers early in 2010. That'll be at least a month after Freeview HD first begins to broadcast, raising questions as to whether or not supporting receivers will be available in time for launch.

Freeview HD, launching in December 2009 for the Granada region and phasing out across the UK in coming years, will be available to users via a set-top box capable of decoding DVB-T2 transmissions.

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Just need the transmissions to use them ;)

I was picking up the signal from Crystal Palace during the trial (which ended about a year ago IIRC) and it looked quite nice…..would be great if they rolled it out sooner as there are a number of people already with the trial set-top boxes or HTPCs with DVB-T2 cards.
I sit final yet what channels will be available. I know due to the bandwidth issue there are going to only be like 5 channels available in HD. Not sure if this has changed since I last read up on it.

Anyhow, its good to see its moving along now and there is a date for roll outs.
What DVB-T2 tuners are there (USB or PCI). I'm keen to find one with Linux support :)
I've not heard of any yet, never mind ones with Linux support.

Correction: Google throws up one in the product search - http://www.leconcepts.com/products/vivanco-dvb-t2-2.html
Looks like it's a product with a name that happens to have a 2 at the end of it, rather than actually being a DVB-T2 tuner. They probably came up with it before the standard was drafted anyway.