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Samsung shows off 31in OLED - it's CES all over again

by Parm Mann on 3 March 2008, 20:04

Tags: Samsung (005935.KS)

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We've seen it before but boy is it thin

We were pretty impressed with Samsung's 2cm-thick 31in OLED screen when we first saw it at CES earlier this year. But this beauty still makes us purr.

The display is still stunning, it's still super-thin (as seen below), and it's still on track for a 2009 release. However, it's still likely to cost a fortune when it lands.

Samsung's 31

Samsung isn't making much of a showing in the large LCD competition but as far as we're aware, this is still the largest OLED around. With its claimed one million-to-one contrast ratio, deep blacks and 1080p picture, it's the OLED we'd all love to have.

Below is the display's very useful viewing angle.

Samsung's 31

Last but not least, the jaw-dropping picture:

Samsung's 31

Will anybody be able to conjure up a bigger or better OLED at this year's CeBIT? We wouldn't count on it but you never do know.

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damn thas nice. how much we talking here - 2 grand for 31 inch? or even more…
I think this is one of the keynote/presentations I have to go to watch during my day at CeBIT. :D
If you see any of Team.HEXUS give us a shout ;)