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NVIDIA Soundstorm is gone forever

by David Ross on 3 March 2005, 00:00


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In our normal 'chat' with NVIDIA at IDF it was interesting to hear some news on the development of audio within the company. We (as have others) are keen to see Soundstorm brought back to the desktop in NVIDIA chipsets, and we were under the strong impression this would indeed happen. However, today we heard differently.

We can today reveal that in a briefing with NVIDIA we have been informed that Soundstorm, the popular NVIDIA sound technology is dead. This has been confirmed to us whilst talking about the NVIDIA nForce 4 SLi (P4 Edition).

Brian Del Rizzo informed us of this fact, and stated that at the recent NVIDIA Editors day in which their CEO and Spiritual leader - Jen Hsun was infact talking about other technologies in which they are exploring audio possibilites, these would eventually end up as sound solutions across all platforms. But he was firm in his statement that it was indeed gone.

As yet we are uncertain if this means we will end up seeing an addon board solution for audio. We get the distinct feeling that the price of SoundStorm was the main falling due to motherboard vendors wanting to keep prices down.

We also believe that this could be happening due to Intels introduction of ADAT technology for audiophiles.