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Australian Startup Drawberry Revolutionizes International Art Shopping

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Sydney, Australia – August 25, 2017 – A team of talented young art and software enthusiasts from Sydney, Australia, has launched a unique online platform that is opening up a world of opportunities for international art shopping. Drawberry is a place one would go for custom paintings made from photos or from samples, but it is unlike all other paint-from-photo sites.

Drawberry’s unique offer is in the way art ordering works. The service has hundreds of artists participating from different corners of the world. A person from any country can upload a photo, from which they want a custom painting made, and get bids from artists all over the globe. They can then select an artist to work with by the bid amount, the artist’s professional skills or the artist’s portfolio of previously painted works. 

“Drawberry welcomes both artists and art shoppers from anywhere in the world!” says Anna Lind, Drawberry’s PR Representative. “You can order Impressionist-style paintings in France, ink-wash paintings in China or Japan, and what’s best – you can choose from dozens of artists who all work in the style you want. Art shoppers win every time, as they get the best price from the best artist.”

Drawberry.com lets art shoppers choose the style, genre, medium and other options for their painting. Photos can be used as a starting point, but ordering reproductions of famous paintings or getting artwork in some unusual style or a mix of styles is also a popular trend on the site. Users can communicate the details with their selected artist beforehand and keep in touch throughout the art creation process. When done, the painting is shipped to the customer wherever they might be in the world. 

The safety of all transactions is ensured by Drawberry’s strict security mechanisms, by the use of PayPal for all payments and by a team of moderators working 24/7 to resolve any issues or disputes. The service employs a rating system and collects user feedback to help other art shoppers make informed decisions.

Company Background:

Drawberry is an Australian startup that began as a project within a well-known publisher of PC optimization software. A team of driven individuals had worked on the Drawberry project for over a year and finally launched it in early 2016. Since then the service has acquired a large audience of both artists and shoppers, and the online community has been growing every day. More information on the Drawberry service is available at www.drawberry.com