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Plex news for iOS and Apple TV

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Today Plex pushed out several platform updates. 

Refined iOS Controls:

  • Added a custom volume change indicator, so you’re not distracted by full controls popping over the video when changing the volume.
  • Polished video player controls to make them more intuitive and elegant, moved some of the secondary buttons (like repeat and shuffle) deeper into the menu in order to free up more space, and improved overall discoverability of playback modifiers in the music player. So now it’s super easy to play super slow, or wicked fast, as well as to repeat, shuffle, shorten silence, and more.
  • For iPad users, Plex has now enabled split screen and slide over support for everyone - this means you can check your calendar while watching videos, etc. 

Apple TV Audio Updates:

In December, Plex announced its enhanced audio player to its mobile platform via Plexamp. Now some of those features are on Apple TV.

  • Hi-Quality Playback - Direct play of streamed FLAC, ALAC, MP3, AAC, APE and MPC. Floating point processing pipeline. For low-bandwidth scenarios, Plex offers best-in-class transcodes
  • Gapless - Seamless transitions between tracks without dropping a beat
  • Soft pauses - Gentle fade out/in when you’re pausing.
  • Advanced Hybrid Caching - The upgraded player not only caches the entire current track to disk, but will read ahead the entire next track as well, to ensure continuous playback even across network transitions and glitches. The cache also stores recently played tracks so you can avoid cellular usage when possible. See the details here in the release notes.

Lastly, Plex is now previewing the upgraded interface to Web TV and Web Desktop users (Roku and Apple TV got a sneak peak last week), giving you complete control over your navigation. Tell Plex what you care about, and we'll build an experience just for you. You can rearrange sources, hide sources, and more.

At the core of the experience is the humble but mighty Sidebar. In addition to being a more efficient use of screen space than a top menu, this navigation pattern showcases all the stuff you care about, and hides the stuff you don’t.