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Mio’s MiVue 7 Series premium dash cams

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London, 23rd July 2018: A leading provider of vehicle dash cams in Europe and Asia Pacific, Mio’s MiVue 7 Series of premium, sleek and lightweight dash cams help keep drivers safe and protected whilst at the wheel. With display screens of 2.7” and packed full of safety features including Advanced Driving Assistance System [ADAS], Lane Departure Warning System [LDWS], Forward Collision Warning System [FCWS] and Fatigue Alert, a driver’s wellbeing is its first concern. 

Focused on providing experiences that are “All About You,” the Mio MiVue 731, 733, 751, 752, 766, 786, 788 and 792 dash cams not only capture crystal clear video quality, but feature real-time video back up capabilities. These WIFI and Bluetooth enabled devices automatically back up event videos by uploading to mobile phones via the MiVue app; allowing users quick and easy access to videos. You can even share your drive with friends and family via Facebook live-stream, keeping you connected for when you need it most.

When equipped with a microSD card with up to 128GB memory, MiVue 7 series users do not even have to remove the card to view what has been recorded as the video is also backed up onto a phone in real time. Simply open the MiVue app and access the Full HD 1080p event video for immediate viewing and sharing. In case of an accident or even just a ding in the carpark, the 3-Axis G Sensor will detect any sudden change of motion and the footage is automatically stored and cannot be overwritten, so can accessed easily if needed as evidence.

The MiVue 7 Series range of dash cams has the added security of built in GPS which tracks a vehicles location and speed so drivers know that vital information is safely stored for when it is needed. The GPS module is housed inside the unit so there are no external devices that need to be connected, a feature that differentiates them from other dash cams in the market. GPS also includes speed alert and speed camera locations to help keep drivers under the limit and avoid any dreaded speeding tickets!

All cameras within the range also include additional safety features such as head-light reminding, shock and motion sensing and fatigue alert, ideal for those who regularly travel long distances.

The MiVue 766, 785, 786 and 788 dash cams feature Sony’s high quality CMOS sensor with near-infrared sensitivity, allowing it to enhance video footage captured at night. The MiVue 792 also features a high quality STARVIS sensor that excels in capturing images in low light environments. With the 7 Series dash cams, drivers can be confident they can view detail-packed videos with superb contrast, clear and rich colours, especially in low-light conditions.

The 7 Series dash cams  allows for a wide angled viewing range of either 130° or 140°, dependent upon the model, and this, combined with the high quality sensors, ensures registration plates and small details are captured throughout the whole journey, day or night.

Designed for simplicity, the MiVue 7 Series dash cams can be easily set-up: simply insert the SD card, connect to the vehicle’s power source and the dash cam will begin recording as soon as the vehicle’s engine starts with Auto Power On. This allows the dash cam to easily integrate with drivers existing habits. The user-friendly 2.7” touch screen interface on the MiVue 766, 785, 786 and 788 have highly intuitive menus and simple setup to make things even easier.

All the Mio MiVue 7 series devices are compatible with the MiVue A30 rear camera, which is also equipped with a Sony’s low-light sensitivity CMOS sensor, full HD 1080p, all-glass lens, 140-degree wide-angle recording, F1.8 aperture, and night video capture mode. The A30 rear cam compliments your dash cam, capturing details behind your vehicle and alleviating your blind spot.

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MiVue 766 Product Features

Dimensions: 8.8 x 3.2 x 5.2

1080p full HD recording at 30fps/140° wide angle view

Integrated WIFI / Built-in GPS

Facebook live-stream

2.7” (6.9cm) touch screen

1080p full HD at 30fps

Sony IMX323 optic sensor

F1.8 aperture lens

Safety Camera Alerts

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems- FCW, LDWS and FA

Compatible with the MiVue A20 Rear Cam

3-Axis G-Sensor


The Mio MiVue 7 Series range is available from AmazonVery or Littlewoods with prices starting at £126.

The full range of MiVue 7 Series dash cams including features and specifications can be viewed HERE

About Mio:

Mio is a subsidiary of MiTAC International Corp. and is a leading provider of in-car navigation, dash cam and bike navigation systems. Centred on creating experiences that are “All About You,” it creates solutions for people, whether at home or work. Through the combination of thoughtful product designs, and innovations in hardware and software, Mio aims to be a household name in safety and wellness and enhance people’s lives with meaningful products.

The full range of MiVue 7 Series dash cams including features and specifications can be viewed HERE and find out more about Mio by visiting the website: www.mio.com