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Snooper launches new feature-rich DVR-4HD dash cam with integrated speed camera alert

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A must-have automotive accessory with 1080p video recording, forward collision warnings and speed camera detection

24th September 2015, Snooper, a leading supplier of GPS satellite navigation and speed detector systems, today announces its Snooper DVR-4HD dam cam. Featuring 1080p high definition recording, touch screen, forward collision warning, speed camera detection, and a free app to instantly share footage online, the compact dash cam is a must have in-car accessory for those who love to be behind the wheel and want a reliable witness in the event of an accident. It is available now from snooper.co.uk for £149.99.

High definition and loop recording

The Snooper DVR-4HD dash cam will continuously record the road ahead of users, serving as the perfect eyewitness in the event of traffic incidents. Recording in crystal clear 1080p high definition day and night, it provides peace of mind and an extra sense of security for drivers. An in-built microphone will also record sound and can be switched off for privacy if needed.

The dash cam enables invaluable data to be accessed against any false insurance claims. Continuous Loop Recording will also automatically overwrite the oldest footage when the 8GB Micro SD card included gets full.

Speed camera alerts

The sophisticated Snooper DVR-4HD features a detection lens at the front of the device that works alongside an award winning speed camera database. Allowing users to keep within the speed limit and reduce the chance of them getting a speeding fine, the Snooper Auraäspeed camera database will alert drivers to the location of all types of fixed GPS speed cameras and high risk zones in the UK and Europe. This includes Gasto, Truvelo, Specs and Watchcam.

Forward collision warning and fatigue alerts

Keeping the driver and passengers safe, the Snooper DVR-4HD boasts forward collision warning that provides object recognition and detects the relative speed between the vehicle being driven and objects in the road. The camera can use both voice and screen alerts to let the driver know when they’re too close to a vehicle in front. Another handy feature is fatigue alerts, which will tell drivers to take a break when driving a long distance.

Featuring a high sensitivity 3-Axis G-sensor and GPS antenna too, impact, speed, location and time are all recorded. The G-sensor will monitor impact from separate directions ensuring that it will never miss an incident.

Motion detection

When the camera is connected to a permanent power supply, in-built motion detection keeps the vehicle safe. When parked up and stationery, if a vandal or thief walks in front of the car, the camera will automatically start recording when movement is detected and it also has the ability to take still shots, so any damage to a vehicle can easily be recorded. 

Large touch screen and ample viewing angle

Users can enjoy instant playback through the large, built-in 2.7inch clear LCD touch screen. The ultra wide viewing angle is 140 degrees, meaning drivers get a full view of the road ahead and it won’t miss any vital footage that is required in case there is an incident. Users can even instantly share footage with friends via the free Drive Cam Connect App on Android or iOS smartphones.

Price info

The Snooper DVR-4HD is available now through snooper.co.uk for £149.99.

For more information visit the Snooper website.

About Snooper:

Snooper is a UK business and a leading supplier of GPS satellite navigation systems for trucks, travellers and leisure. Snooper was founded 35 years ago and made its name pioneering the development of speed camera detector systems. We are now one of the UK’s leading specialist suppliers of GPS satellite navigation technology and stock a wide range of expertly developed products. Our full product collection includes truck navigation devicescaravan sat navsdash cameras, portable power devices, speed camera detector devices, as well as a wide range of complementary products. Snooper’s innovative approach means that we’ve always been at the forefront of the industry. Each product has been developed to offer a cutting-edge solution for your needs, whether you require advanced Truckmate routing software, Ventura satellite navigation, in-car cameras or portable power devices.

To learn more about Snooper, please visit www.snooper.co.uk.