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Edifier Unveils Predator! - Edgy 2.1 Speaker System

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Reading, UK, 15th April; Edifier®, a leading global designer and manufacturer of award-winning audio systems, introduces the Predator.

Predator by Edifier, is a one-of-a kind 2.1 speaker system, uniquely designed with a sci-fi inspired appearance. Predator features a downward firing 5 inch subwoofer and two desktop satellite speakers each with a 2 inch front firing full-range driver and 2 inch passive radiator, all packaged in a futuristic looking chassis. Predator's angled satellites enhance sound projection and their passive radiators add dynamic range. The subwoofer delivers deep, even bass adjustable to individual tastes. The system can connect to any audio device using the 3.5mm auxiliary input. Predator is the perfect companion for any gaming rig, office environment, or home entertainment system.

Main Features:

  • Downward firing 5 inch subwoofer and 2 inch front firing full-range driver in each satellite
  • 2 inch passive radiator in each satellite for enhanced audio output
  • Angled satellites for enhanced sound projection
  • Auxiliary input port for versatile connectivity to external devices
  • Master volume and on/off dial located on the top of the subwoofer with blue halo indicator light
  • Separate bass adjustment control for bass output
  • All speaker drivers are magnetically shielded
  • Universal 100V-240V power supply

Price and Availability:

The Predator is available at £59.99 MSRP inc from Currys/PC World and other leading retailers.

About Edifier:

Edifier International specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-end consumer audio electronics for both the lifestyle and multimedia markets, providing a wide selection to suit each individuals taste. Edifier International is renowned for its development and use of acoustic technology, superior manufacturing standards and uncompromised quality in design and production of audio electronics. Edifier is committed to excellence in all audio markets in which it operates, which include PC audio, multimedia audio, docking audio, IT lifestyle audio and home lifestyle audio. Edifier is committed to excel and extend the audio experience into further evolving both the global brand and product recognition, with a passion for sound.

Edifier continues to expand it operations and presence, moving towards the goal of becoming a world class, internationally recognized company specializing in quality audio solutions for the ever evolving consumer electronics industry.