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Panasonic Viera PX600 plasma TV sets

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The ultimate High Definition range for 2006

Panasonic's Viera PX600 series

Introducing the finest HD plasma range from a manufacturer committed to creating plasma perfection - Panasonic has developed the truly exceptional PX600 series, presenting a level of picture quality and sound that only the very best Viera technology can offer. 

The new PX600 range, with in-built Freeview and incorporating the ingenious V-Real  technology, demonstrates Panasonic’s commitment to excellence.  From processor to driver to panel, Panasonic ensures perfect picture performance by developing these key devices in-house.  The V-Real processor processes the raw video signal it receives and outputs an incredibly high-quality signal recognised by the driver. 

In turn, the driver optimises the performance of the panel which clearly and vividly displays this processed video signal.  The result is a phenomenal display of images with the deepest blacks, the brightest colours and a simply unforgettable viewing experience. 

V-Real  –  the finer details
The new PX600 range includes a new digital processing chip-set which processes 720p or 1080i HD video signal in their original condition.  The Digital Re-Mastering Processor, meanwhile, up-converts standard definition video signals to provide detailed, expressive images, allowing consumers to enjoy standard definition material at near HD quality.

An outstanding 29 billion colours can be displayed on the PX600 models, offering V-Real Gamma Control.  A maximum 11.5 bit video processing makes it possible to reproduce images with 3,072 equivalent steps of gradation, thus suppressing the picture noise and black blocking that occur with insufficient gradation.

Never experienced before, the vibrancy and richness to blacks and colours is truly captivating. The V-Real Advanced 3D Colour Management system achieves precise control based on 3D management in the colour difference plane and brightness directions of red, blue and green separately.  Colour and luminosity are independently processed to produce the optimal quality in each, resulting in a spectacular array of bright and beautiful colours. 

THPX600 plasma TV setTHPX600 plasma TV set - available
from May in 37in, 42in and 50in versions

Panasonic’s original Real Black Drive and New Deep Black Filter System combine to make the impressive Real Black Creation.  Whilst the Real Black Drive suppresses unwanted grey by reducing electrical pre-discharge level to about 10% the level of conventional plasmas, the new Deep Black Filter system has had its light transmittance reduced, and Panasonic’s own anti-glare process applied to the filter surface to lessen external glare and reflection.  The reward of the Real Back Creation is exceptionally deep, rich blacks and high 10,000:1 contrast ratio. 

Panasonic’s Contrast Management System optimises the contrast by matching it to the images in each scene. Instead of losing gradation by making part of the image too bright or too dark, this new technology applies just the right amount of contrast correction for each part of the scene, without over-compensating in other areas.

The PX600 range not only offers vibrancy in colours, it also displays smoothness of images. Jagged or blurred lines become crisp and clean with the incorporated sub-pixel controller.  Unlike conventional systems in which the three RGB colours are processed together, the new V-Real Sub Pixel Controller processes each colour separately resulting in smoother, diagonal lines. Additionally, the incorporated Motion Pattern Noise Reduction System effectively eliminates noise generated by motion, by dividing scenes into parts, detecting motion patterns expected to generate noise and applying noise reduction adjustments as appropriate.

Viera - stunning sound to complement impressive images
The Viera PX600 series has achieved a level of sound quality worthy of Viera’s superlative images, through the development of an entirely new speaker unit, only 16mm wide and 10mm thick.  The new Advanced Smart Sound Speaker system, incorporating the Advanced Ultra-Slim Speaker Unit and Twin Passive Radiator Woofers, produces superior bass performance and clear, natural sounds.  The new speaker unit reproduces and improves sound in the low to medium frequency range –all the way down to 350Hz, previously handled by the woofer.  Despite its narrow aperture, this unit has superb directional characteristics thanks to the incorporated SRS  technology, which means people can enjoy outstanding sound quality regardless of where they are seated.

Meanwhile, the woofers use an enhanced passive radiator system to deliver an incredibly deep, clear sound.  Using asymmetrical contoured edges to prevent the harmonic distortion that can occur with conventional passive radiator systems, this original system delivers a clearer sound than bass reflex systems of the same size.

Viera’s convenient networking capabilities
The new Viera PX600 range offers advantageous networking capabilities, far exceeding consumers’ expectations.

Incorporating an SD card slot on the Viera front panel makes it easy to view photos taken with camera or camcorder.  Simply take your photos, remove the SD card from your Lumix camera or camcorder, for example, and insert into the Viera’s SD card slot to view your pictures on the big screen.  Alternatively, record your favourite films directly from the PX600 onto the SD card  in MPEG4 and enjoy playback on Panasonic’s portable DVD-LX97 player, during your journey on a train or plane, for example.

A truly outstanding television, the PX600 can also serve as a large screen monitor when connected to a PC, thanks to the incorporated PC (RGB) signal input terminal.

Sleek in style, the PX600 deserves to be surrounded by as few cables as possible. The range features double HDMI terminals with HDAVI-Control* . The HDMI cable is a single cable that carries both digital video and audio together, replacing a multitude of different A/V cables.  The HDAVI Control function allows communication of control signals when connected to the new SC-HT55 home cinema system, forthcoming SA-XR57 AV receiver or any model of DVD recorder from the new 2006 DIGA range except the DMR-ES15.
* Depending on the cable used, this function may not be possible. Panasonic’s forthcoming HDMI cables supporting HDAVI control are highly recommended

You can turn on the power for this entire home cinema set up with a single remote control button, and begin playback immediately through the home cinema speakers whilst muting the sound through the television – a Panasonic first!  HDAVI control also ensures that the correct HDMI input is selected when you play back a DVD, therefore utilising the ultimate picture quality that the digital link can offer.  In accordance with Universal Design principles, the new Panasonic remote control features large, easy to see buttons and markings and has been designed with comfort and convenience in mind.

The bigger picture- caring for the environment whilst catering for the consumer
The regal PX600 range, offering a long life time of approximately 60,000 hours* , is supreme in all respects, be it image quality, sound performance, networking capabilities or design.  Such great technological advantages are packed into a breathtakingly elegant form and, Panasonic is proud to affirm, is kind to the environment.  All major components of the panel have been re-vamped – the phosphors and the other panel materials have been upgraded, the ribs and electrodes have been re-designed with new shapes; and the level of gas has been reduced.  The panel glass is now approximately 35% thinner than Panasonic’s previous panel, whilst light transmission has been increased to create a brighter picture with less power requirement.
* The time until brightness is reduced to half its initial level. This time varies, however, depending on the content of the image displayed and the usage environment.

Launching in May, the PX600 range is available in 37in, 42in and 50in versions.  Presenting the very best in plasma performance, the Panasonic PX600 is the ultimate High Definition plasma for 2006.