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ADS DVD Xpress DX2 - easiest and fastest way to create PSP and iPod video

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ADS announce launch of DVD Xpress DX2, the easiest and fastest way to create PSP and iPod video

Next-generation audio/video capture hardware encoder takes the workload off the PC

ADS Tech (, a leader in consumer video editing solutions, today announced the launch of the DVD Xpress DX2, a DivX-certified USB 2.0 external audio/video capture device that makes it easier than ever to convert analogue videos to a digital format. With support for all of the leading video formats, DVD Xpress DX2 can be used to create high-quality videos that can be viewed on a TV with a home DVD player or enjoyed on the road with portable video players* such as a Sony PSP, Apple iPod' or Creative Technology's new Zen Vision:M.
*A compatible software video player is required for playback on portable devices.

The DVD Xpress DX2 offers full support for DivX 6 digital video technology and the advanced interactive features of the DivX Media Format. The product was showcased last week at CES in the ADS 'media lounge' area, where visitors could relax and enjoy watching videos created with DVD Xpress DX2 on PSPs or Video iPods.

ADS Tech's plug-and-play device connects to a PC USB port to transfer video and audio signals from any analogue source such as VHS tapes, analogue camcorders, set-top boxes or VCRs using the RCA (composite) or S-video video inputs. The signals are automatically converted into MPEG-1 or MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and the DivX digital files that can be archived directly to disc or stored on a PC's hard drive for editing.

To provide the highest-quality video, DVD Xpress DX2 utilises the latest in video conversion and filtering technology and a 10-bit video digitiser with 2x over sampling and four-line comb filter.

DVD Xpress DX2 also offers exclusive 'Audio-Lock' technology to provide perfect lip synch all the way through the capture, edit and disc-burning process. Brightness, contrast, chroma, saturation and hue controls are also included.

The ADS Tech Capture Wizard software included with DVD Xpress DX2 makes capture so easy; even first timers can do it in just minutes. Using the CapWiz 'Direct-to-Disc Wizard,' users can burn their video to a high-quality VCD, SVCD, DVD Video disc with just a few easy clicks. CapWiz also captures to the DivX video format. For added convenience, Capture Wizard gives users the option of previewing their video at full resolution, the ability to choose their bit rate and the use of advanced settings for capturing video.

For consumers that want to do more than straight archiving to disc, DVD Xpress DX2 includes Ulead VideoStudio 9 SE DVD. A consumer favourite, VideoStudio can be used to instantly create video, slideshow, music, or data discs through a convenient, wizard-type process. Other features enable users to easily trim out the parts of the video they don't want; add transitions, video filters, animated titles and background music; and then author their content for a professional-looking video production.

Pricing & availability
Instant DVD Xpress DX2 will be available in early February with an RRP of £99.99, inclusive of VAT [Available now in the USA with an MSRP of $99 – Ed]. A complete hardware/software solution, the USB 2.0 audio/video capture solution is compatible with Windows 2000and XP (Home and Professional) systems. The external device comes with audio/video and USB cables, a CD containing ADS Tech's Capture Wizard 4.0 and Ulead VideoStudio 9 SE DVD and a user guide.

About ADS Technologies
ADS Technologies is a world leader in Universal Serial Bus and IEEE-1394/FireWire solutions. Since 1992, the company has introduced high-quality multimedia, networking and presentation products at consumer-friendly prices. The company's award-winning USB product line includes eleven complementary peripherals, and its USB Port for Desktops is the world's best-selling USB PCI host card. PYRO 1394DV, the first consumer-priced digital video editing solution on the PC market, has been widely adopted by owners of digital video camcorders for its ease-of-use for first time DV editors, its functionality and its low cost.

ADS products are distributed in the USA, UK, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Scandinavian countries, Israel and Japan. For more information please visit the website at

Customer Contact:
ADS Tech Europe - Tel: +353-61-702042

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£99 for something you can already essentially do for free?

What would be better is something that does not require the PC, and plugs straight into a PSP.