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Consumers on the go enjoy hours of fresh, DVD-quality video content on personal media players powered by AMD technology

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2006 International CES
Consumers on the go enjoy hours of fresh, DVD-quality video content on personal media players powered by AMD technology

PMPs emerging as a "must-bave" consumer device in 2006

LAS VEGAS --(Business Wire)-- Jan. 3, 2006 AMD (NYSE:AMD) today showcased a variety of AMD embedded processor-based personal media players (PMPs) that offer DVD-quality video, ease of use, and hours of video playback time on a single battery charge. PMPs are an innovative new category of small, portable electronics that may likely follow the path of MP3 players in becoming the next "must-have" mobile consumer technology.

PMP designers are selecting AMD's Alchemy family of processors to power their products due to the processors' integrated functions, high performance and low-power consumption. The AMD Alchemy Au1200 processor delivers technical advances that enable PMPs and other low-power digital media devices to provide a high-quality video experience for consumers.

The processor's integrated media acceleration hardware and accompanying media player software allow consumers to quickly download a wide range of digital media content from DVRs, PCs or the Internet directly to their PMPs, without the need for file conversions or transcoding.

"Responding to PMP customer demands for ease-of-use and extended running time, designers have quickly adopted AMD embedded solutions to drive some of the hottest digital media offerings for 2006," said Iain Morris, senior vice president, Microprocessor Solutions Sector, AMD. "AMD is collaborating with the industry's leading electronics manufacturers to ensure that consumer demands for DVD-quality video on the go are met."

Among the new products showcased by AMD at CES 2006 are a range of PMPs based on AMD Alchemy processors:

-- Humax PMP that supports DIRECTV 2Go - This device allows consumers to download and playback recorded TV content or digital video of choice directly from their DIRECTV set-top box.

-- Explorer by Node - Delivers interactive, location-dependent content via video and audio to consumers visiting monuments, artwork or sports venues.

-- Digital Cube V43, V43 Navi and SK C&C Air+ - Offer 4.3 inch TFT LCD Touch screen and extended features including GPS receiver and Satellite TV compatibility.

-- FOCE (F1-2510) by Erae Electronics - Provides consumers seamless, multiple formats for digital video and audio with TV Out and FM tuner/ FM transmitter functionality.

In addition to providing the processing power for the market's most innovative PMPs, AMD embedded technology also is showcased in a variety of digital consumer devices:

-- Digital Photo Frame by Samsung - Supports a wide range of video and audio formats to store and display videos, images and audio recordings with PC and media center compatibility.

-- Concierge by Springboard Retail Networks - This retail shopping terminal helps consumers locate product, monitor shopping lists and scan products.

-- Geotic IP Set-top Box - Allows consumers to stream video content over Ethernet connection to their TVs, view multiple video formats and even play karaoke from this device.

The AMD Alchemy Au1200 processor has received certification for the following Codecs:

-- DivX Video Codec (Portable Device Certification)

-- Dolby AC-3 Audio Codec Certification

Demos of these AMD embedded processor-based devices can be experienced in AMD's booth, number 30374, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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