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Plantronics Launches new Stereo BackBeat Headphone range

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London, UK – 19th Oct, 2010 - PlantronicsÒ (NYSE:PLT) today announced the three newest members of its BackBeat® family of stereo headphones optimised for smartphones with multimedia capabilities. Ideal for iPhone® and Android® users, the new BackBeat 903+, BackBeat 216 and BackBeat 116 headphones deliver high-quality audio performance and easy switching between music and calls. This is part of a new range of smart headsets that are geared for the growing smartphone user base and are encased in environmentally sound packaging featuring a new brand identity.

Work Out with Wireless Music and Calls
The Plantronics BackBeat 903+, an update to the popular BackBeat 903, is a stereo Bluetooth® headset designed for users with active lifestyles. It provides rich wireless stereo music and the ability to answer/end a call with a single touch of a button. The BackBeat 903+ features new ruggedized and sweat resistant-materials and a flexible design, with three levels of earpiece adjustment for a secure and comfortable fit during long workouts. There is also a convenient storage pouch to put them in your gym bag.
For iPhone users, the Plantronics BackBeat 903+ displays an on-screen battery meter on the iPhone for easily monitoring the headset’s battery level. It also includes convenient voice alerts for remaining talk-time, track-control, low-battery, mute and connection status.
The BackBeat 903+ features dual mics and Plantronics’ proprietary AudioIQ2 digital signal processing (DSP) for clear calls, even in noisy environments. Like its predecessor, the BackBeat 903+ includes OpenMic™ technology that allows users to instantly hear their surroundings without removing the headphones, providing greater convenience and safety while exercising.

Upgraded Audio Experiences
The Plantronics BackBeat 216 is a certified headphone for the iPod, iPhone and iPad.  It enables users to get the most from their compatible devices by offering bold, rich audio for music, calls and multimedia applications. These corded stereo headphones provide plug-and-play simplicity and feature noise-isolating ear buds with neodymium micro-speakers that boost bass levels and deliver well-balanced high and mid ranges for an overall great audio experience. The BackBeat 216 also features a discreet inline controller with built-in mic for convenient calling plus volume and music track control.
The new BackBeat 116 features the popular earphone form factor with a simpler in-line controller and built-in mic.  The standard 3.5mm stereo connector and interface makes it compatible not only with the iPhone, iPod and iPad, but also most Android-based phones, Blackberry® smartphones and other music phones.  The BackBeat 116 will be offered in stylish Electric Blue.  For extra user convenience, both the 216 and 116 products come with tangle-free cloth cords.
“Today, most consumers use their smartphones to listen to music, play games and watch videos, and they are looking for audio solutions that will optimise these applications for truly immersive experiences,” said Stuart Bradshaw, EMEA Consumer Marketing Manager, Plantronics. “These new BackBeat headphones with mic deliver just that in tandem with outstanding audio quality at great prices.”
The BackBeat 903+ will be available from November, retailing for £69.99 RRP from Apple. The BackBeat 116 and 216 will be available from November, retailing for £24.99 and £39.99 respectively.