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Take Immediate Advantage Of Your DVD, Music And Games On 6 Channels With A Complete Audio Solution

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SURREY - 5th November 2002 - Hercules has announced a sound combo package that includes the high quality popular Muse 5.1 DVD sound card and the new Hercules 5.1 system speakers. The combination package is ideal for users looking for a Dolby Digital Home Cinema sound system and will be launched into PC World and other leading retail outlets in the coming weeks for only £379.99 inc VAT.

Hercules Muse 5.1 DVD
The Gamesurround Muse=99 5.1 DVD is an amazing sound card in the 5.1-channel market segment. Gamesurround Muse=99 5.1 DVD - the successor of the widely renowned Gamesurround Muse=99 XL - and includes advanced features such as its 6-channel outputs and comes bundled with Cyberlink's PowerDVD 4.0 XP, the hugely popular DVD playback application.

This sound card offers a powerful, exciting Dolby Digital=99 experience in a 5.1 DVD environment: there's no need for an expensive external Dolby Digital=99 decoder. The included award-winning PowerDVD=99 4.0 playback software allows you to watch your favourite DVD movies with realistic sound over 6 discrete channels.

For maximum entertainment value, Gamesurround Muse=99 5.1 DVD allows you to enjoy digital music (including MP3s, WMA, MIDI files) in 5.1 channels with enhanced audio quality. With Sonic Foundry=AE Acid Xpress=99 and Hercules AE MediaStation II included in the great software package you can have fun with your digital files, playing, organizing and creating your own mixes as you wish.

Gamesurround Muse=99 5.1 DVD attracts the intense interest of gamers with its true realistic gaming experience over multi-channels and 5.1 speakers. Extensive 3D games compatibility is guaranteed by the Sensaura engine. With its complete support for all current Windows=AE operating systems including Windows XP, Gamesurround Muse=99 5.1 DVD offers all the features multimedia fans can expect.

XPS 510 Speakers - Extended personal sound

The XPS 510 speakers are designed for Multimedia three-dimensional sound entertainment. The 3D surround effect for games and home theatre movie playback will be enhanced by the 60 Watts total output power. The 20 Watts subwoofer encased in wooden enclosure ensures thunderous penetrating, undistorted deep bass effects. The speakers are compatible with DirectSound=99 3D, EAX99 1.0, EAX99 2.0, A3=99 1.0, I3DL299, MacroFX99 , MultiDrive99, ZoomFX99, EnvironmentFX99 sound cards and come with a three year warranty.

System requirements:
Microsoft=AE Windows=AE 98SE, 2000, Me, XP
Intel Pentium=99 MMX 233MHz/AMD=AE K6 or higher & compatible
PCI 2.1 slot, 32MB RAM, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive