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Introducing Urbanista London: Sound and Silence

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7th May 2020, London, United Kingdom – Urbanista, the Swedish lifestyle audio brand, announces the launch of Urbanista London, an active noise cancelling true wireless earphone, designed to put the listener in control. London is the latest in the brand’s true wireless headphone line-up and lives up to their tagline: ‘Designed for Life in Motion’. Boasting an in-ear style that combines secure fit and crystal clear, isolated sound with comfort, simplicity and reliability, Urbanista London allows listeners to either completely block out the outside world or hear their surroundings without interruption to their listening experience.

Priced at £129 MSRP, London is available in four stylish colours and boasts full compatibility with iOS, Android and Windows devices.

A Sound Experience That You Control

Urbanista London is designed to provide the perfect fit and is comfortable for long periods of wear. Axel Grell, an acoustical engineer who developed the sound design for Urbanista London, comments: “We have worked incredibly hard to perfect and fine tune the sound of Urbanista London. The tiny details make for an earphone with incredible clarity and natural sound reproduction with ground shaking bass and smooth highs. The micro-speakers I have selected are at the acoustical heart of these earphones. Urbanista London boasts a wide frequency range with very low distortion, an important feature especially for an active noise cancelling earphone.”

Whether you feel like blocking out the noise of a busy morning commute or would like to hear what is around you, Urbanista London puts you in control. With the new active noise cancelling (ANC) feature, at the press of a button you are able to completely switch off the outside world. Otherwise, remain conscious of your surroundings while enjoying a strong audio experience with Ambient Sound Mode. This feature enables you to switch to a voice-enhancing mode while listening to your music or podcast, allowing outside sounds in and ensuring you can hear any voices around you, loud and clear.  

Urbanista believes earphones should be intelligently designed and complement the user’s lifestyle, which is why Urbanista London earbuds have a built-in ear detection technology that is programmed to pause when the sensors detect that you have taken one bud out of your ear. The music will stop playing completely when both earbuds are removed.

Inspired by the City

Urbanista London is packed with style and creativity and our earphones are inspired by the vibrant and busy city. To express your personal style, London is available at launch in Midnight Black (Black), Rose Gold (Pink), White Pearl (White) and Dark Sapphire (Blue) and comes with a sleek and slim colour-matched charging case. London has an IPX4 waterproof rating and is therefore protected from splashing water at any angle.

Designed for Life in Motion

Staying connected is easy with London: the latest in 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity means London is compatible with your iOS, Windows or Android device and allows you to have your voice assistant available at the touch of a button. Whilst on the go, the built-in noise cancelling dual microphone allows you to make or receive stereo phone calls, adjust the volume, play and stop.

London provides a playtime of 5 hours, and with 4 additional full charges from the case, a total playtime of 25 hours. The indicator lights will let you know when you are out of charge and then you can conveniently charge your earphones in under one hour on any Qi-certified pad or via the USB Type-C cable, straight out of the box.

Anders Andreen, CEO of Urbanista, comments: “London is a truly special product and we are very excited to welcome this model to our true wireless family. The small and ergonomic design provides the perfect fit that looks great and with the active noise cancelling and ambient sound features, London is perfect for life in motion.”

Key Features of Urbanista London

  • Active noise cancelling (ANC) feature
  • Built-in ear detection sensors 
  • Ambient Sound Mode
  • Wireless charging in one hour under any Qi-certified pad
  • Slim, colour matched charging case carrying 4 full charges
  •  4 indicator lights showing battery capacity
  • 25 hours playtime: each playtime runs up to 5 hours. The pocket-sized charging case is ready for another 4 full charges recharging house
  • IPX4 protected - protected from splashing water at any angle
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connection
  • USB Type-C cable
  • Silicone earbuds - different sizes available for a more personalised in-ear fit
  • Four stylish colours: Midnight Black (Black), Rose Gold (Pink), White Pearl (White) and Dark Sapphire (Blue).
  • Volume and music control
  • Voice control (Siri and Google Assistant)
  • Stereo phone calls
  • Full iOS, Android and Windows compatibility 

Urbanista London will be available online at www.urbanista.com from 25th May 2020.

About Urbanista

Urbanista has been making audio products rooted in Scandinavian tradition since 2010. Our products are inspired by cities, freedom and with the urban lifestyle in mind. We design for life in motion and dedicate our products to urban people, no matter where they call home. Urbanista is available online as well as in 30,000 stores and 90 countries around the world.

For more information visit www.urbanista.com

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