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Thonet & Vander launches the Dunn 250-watt Bluetooth sound bar

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Turn any TV into a home theatre with powerful bass and surround sound

London, 7th November 2019: German multinational audio brand, Thonet & Vander, renowned for its state of the art, quality audio, today announces the availability of the Dunn 250-watt Bluetooth sound bar with wireless subwoofer in Europe. The Dunn is available for RRP $179.99/£159.99 on Amazon and Amazon UK.

The Thonet & Vander Dunn makes movie watching binge-worthy. The sound bar with optical input (S/PDIF), Bluetooth and AUX 3.5mm stereo brings its own wireless subwoofer, dramatically enhancing any home, studio or office entertainment centre with high quality surround sound. Boasting 250 peak watts of crystal clear power, the wireless subwoofer can be placed anywhere in a room delivering an immersive 2.1 surround sound experience with a pure blend of sound, powerful bass and amazing cinematic effects.

The Dunn sound bar is comprised of 4 drivers to produce clear voice separation including 2 full-range and 2 mid-low frequency for all realistic effects, whilst the bass reflex system increases the bass response of the controller and optimises the efficiency and performance of low frequencies.

Combining modern minimal style design with a powerful high quality sound, the wireless subwoofer is enclosed inside a HDAA (High Density Acoustic Absorber) wooden finish, a natural polymer of high density that generates a rigid and dense material. These properties prevent vibration and leakage of sound, enabling a more accurate, efficient and sustainable performance.

In addition to the included remote control, the ergonomic controls on the wireless subwoofer are made of avant-garde materials, which allows users to optimise the range of selection by regulating the volume and bass in a precise and detailed way. Perfect to control the sound whether on movies, videos or music.

The Dunn uses Bluetooth 4.0 Aptx technology and also includes RCA 3.5mm Stereo and S/PDIF optical inputs to make it compatible with smartphones, tablets, DJ controllers, TV’s, computers or any other modern output device. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, connecting seamlessly to existing smart home set ups to provide full voice control along with a great sound.

Additionally, with its own sound bar mounting hardware and level tool included, users can place and balance their sound bar by following the simple to use instructions.

The Dunn works with all major TV brands including Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Sony and more.

The Thonet & Vander Dunn 250 watt Bluetooth sound bar with wireless subwoofer is available for RRP$179.99/£159.99 on Amazon and Amazon UK.

Product Specifications


WEIGHT 11 lbs


DIMENSIONS 31.496 × 13.780 × 12.598 in








DISTORTION < 0.2% -1 W

ACOUSTIC BOX DIMENSIONS 31.5 x 13.8 x 9 in

S/N 60dB, +4dBu

TRANSMISSION DISTANCE Extended 30ft – 50ft


About Thonet & Vander:

The perfect balance of tradition and innovation, Thonet & Vander was originally founded in Berlin in the middle of last century when Hannes Josef Einrich inaugurated his workshop in 1949. Einrich utilised his telecommunication experience during the Second World War and continued his work with audio electronics after the war ended.

In the early 1990s, Thonet & Vander was re-formed by a team of German engineers in Berlin who took the concept of Einrich, starting with handmade speakers before moving into factory production. Their intention was to increase production, but still maintain the artistic and technological essence.

Now with the increasing demand for multimedia audio, Thonet & Vander diversified production into new areas, focusing on connected speakers for streaming media. The company is currently one of the most recognised multinationals in audio industry, with offices in Frankfurt, U.S. and Latin America and distributors in five continents. Thonet & Vander boasts a commercial presence in over 24 countries with its design that overcomes the barriers of time.

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