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Kicking off CES 2006

by Steve Kerrison on 3 January 2006, 17:23

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You may have been thinking that the special time of year was over. Indeed, Christmas is behind us, but hardware and software companies from all walks of the industry have been excited about something else for a while now... the 2006 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

The event, held between January 5th and 8th at the Sands Expo and Convention Center and Las Vegas Convention Center in the desert city of the same name, will feature a plethora of companies all eager to show off their latest creations and show their visions of the future. What we see at CES is what you could find inside your living room or office some time not too far away.

The world's biggest names in the IT and consumer electronics industries will be present and exhibiting. Media giant Google will be there, with rumours about what they'll be showing off already flying around the web. Console forces like Sony and Microsoft are present, but it's not all about the Internet and games consoles. We'll get a chance to explore new audio technologies, digital imaging, in-car technology, networking (including wireless, of course) and the never-more-talked-about home theatre experience.

HEXUS is prepping its journos as we speak, making sure they've got packed lunches, passports, laptops and a change of underwear, for their visit to this year's show. HEXUS Head Honcho David Ross will be accompanied by Gaming Editor Nick Haywood, who together will storm the exhibition floors, hunting down the most noteworthy new products and meet with representatives from various companies to see what's happening to consumer electronics in 2006.

We'll bring you news as it comes in so you can be sure to be up to date with the state of play in Vegas, be it the latest keynote speeches or demos. Play your cards right and stick with HEXUS for the photo extravaganza that will no doubt ensue. We'll be your eyes and ears for the duration of the event, sit back and enjoy the coverage.