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QOTW: What did you get for Christmas?

by Parm Mann on 30 December 2018, 16:31

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We hope you've all had a fabulous Christmas full of family, friends and festive spirit. Before we begin taking down the lights and decorations, let's talk presents.

Did you get exactly what you expected, or were there any major surprises? We want to know what you loved (or perhaps hated) beneath the tree this year, so fire away using the comments facility below.

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A whole tin of baked beans. Plenty to eat Christmas Day this year. :mrgreen:
Pants, socks, new BMW E60 535D inlet manifold.
Mainly books (and not e-books, I tried reading “Castles of Steel” on a tablet once, never again) and the go-ahead to order parts for another 3D printer.
bloody socks, what did I do to deserve this crap
Nada' I guess im still on the naughty list.