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QOTW: Do you read digital books?

by Parm Mann on 19 October 2018, 16:31

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I'm surrounded by tech, yet somehow or other, I've never quite managed to get to grips with digital books. I owned an earlier-generation Kindle that ended up on Ebay, and though I've dabbled with a few e-readers since then, I keep reverting to paperbacks. I like the way they feel, I've a fine-tuned filing system for my bookcase, and there's something satisfying about borrowing someone a must-read book.

But digital books do tend to be cheaper. They're instantly available, take little space, are easy to carry, and most modern e-readers will feature a built-in dictionary, which always comes in handy. My sister swears by them, and somehow manages to rattle through entire books on her phone.

It's a nice choice to have, and we're intrigued to see where you stand when it comes to reading habits, so this week let us ask: do you read digital books? Share your thoughts on the subject using the comments facility below.

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Someone bought me a Kindle once… It got refunded.
I absolutely hated the idea of a large piece of glass like that getting broken in a bag or something… Still do.

I have learned to cope with smartphones, and just in time for the release of several books published by friends of mine, none of which were made available on paper…!!
Doing it this way, I can carry a load of books with me on the phone and they read well on the app. The app being free helps, though.

I don't have an especial preference when it comes to novels and I'll buy whichever version is to hand at the time, but reference books, technical manuals and anything with large images, diagrams and the like still work better on paper.
Really depends on what I'm doing with it. I tend to prefer text books / technical stuff in real life format as I have a very visual memory and so if I can't quite remember something I'll often remember the layout of the page it's on and so flicking through can help me find something very fast. You just can't flick as fast through digital. There are also some text books which I have digital in order that I have access to them all the time on my phone. For example the British National Formulary (drugs bible - you can never find one when you need it) and a GP manual which is great when someone is coming along with some disease that you're supposed to know about…

If it's a book where I'm likely to want to look things up then I much prefer digital. This is usually things like foreign translations where cultural references, etc need looking up (Metro series, for example) or philosophy or physics books. You can look stuff up very quickly using the e-reader software and it makes it a lot easier. The other kind of e-books I have are ones that were free or dirt cheap.

I also listen to audio books, so just now I was busy doing housework (yey) whilst listening to The Gulag Archipelago. They're useful for making mindless tasks less mindless but a pain in that in order to pay attention whatever I'm doing has to be utterly brainless.

I did once read an entire book (So Long and Thanks For All The Fish) on a mobile phone (an Orange SPV C550 with a 2.2" 320x240 screen) back in the day but that's when my eyesight was good… in fact, thinking about it, I may have a clue as to what ruined my vision…
As far as regular books go, no i dont. I have preferred to watch the movie instead ever since i was a child.

When it comes to other types of books though(how to's, beginner guides, comics and so on) i do read/watch a lot of those.
And i blame Humble Bundle for my collection's size :)
I've thought about trying a Kindle, but the idea that getting caught short on the A303 and having to jump behind a bush, then wipe my behind with a touch screen has put me off somewhat.
Yes. E-ink is brilliant. Wouldn't read on a standard LCD though.