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QOTW: Do you still watch live TV?

by Parm Mann on 19 May 2017, 16:31

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Hands up, how many of you were glued to the TV as children? I can recall being hooked to numerous cartoons as a youngster, but the addiction really kicked-in with X-Men on a Saturday morning - my sister and I would never miss an episode of that.

From then on I remember watching just about anything the airwaves were willing to send my way. Neighbours, The Bill, Family Fortunes, Only Fools, Big Break... you name it, we all sat down as a family and watched it. But fast forward to today and my viewing habits have changed drastically, almost without me realising. I went to tune in to the Snooker World Championship last month only to find that my Humax PVR wasn't plugged in and hadn't been used for months.

The majority of my video entertainment is now derived from on-demand services such as Netflix, and I only tend to watch live TV when there's a sporting event. Is this indicative of a broader shift in viewing habits or does live TV still play an important role in your household?

To find out, this week's question simply asks: do you still watch live TV? Share your thoughts on the subject using the comments facility below.

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We record everything now and watch either later same day or within a few days, length of adverts on Sky is a bit of a joke so we can just skip through them
Record everything except the F1 or a similar sporting event - otherwise some fecker spoils it lol
Yeah, we still watch live tv (aka. “flow tv”) here. Insofar as there's something worthwhile to watch. That actually seems to be the main problem these days. Prime time live tv mostly consists of sports (which we abhor) and reality shows (which we abhor even more). Also, it seems that these days ads are interrupted by shows and not vice versa.

Most of the stuff we like to watch is on at night (and I *mean* night) or early morning, so it's actually unavoidable to record them. Add to that, that most of the interesting content (read: series) only comes to streaming platforms these days and you'll see that flow tv is slowly but certainly obsoleting itself …not by our choice, though.

Ahh, but the fond memories of days gone by I have. Star Trek, Space 1999, The Invisible Man, The Time Tunnel …I could go on.
We record everything and watch it in our own time, plus we can fast forward through the adverts… Never stream using BBC iPlayer as it is incredibly slow and frustrating.
very little, maybe 2 or 3hrs a week