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QOTW: Do you own a smartwatch?

by Parm Mann on 6 July 2018, 16:31

Tags: Fitbit, Garmin, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Samsung (005935.KS), Huawei, LG, Casio

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Watches appear to be enjoying something of a smart renaissance. Time keepers seemed to disappear from many peoples' wrists when mobile phones became prevalent, but in recent years the arrival of technologically advanced smartwatches has given gadget fiends good reason to put a watch back on.

There are certainly plenty of reasons to consider one. Step counting, extreme outdoor sports, sleep tracking, smartphone notifications, and on-the-go music are some of the attractions, or maybe you're just looking to make a fashion statement.

The likes of Apple, Fitbit and Garmin are leading the charge, and momentum is strong, with analysts at IDC stating that worldwide shipments of wearable devices are on track to grow 15 per cent in 2018, totalling 132.9 million units over the course of the year.

It's always good to hear feedback from actual users, mind, so for this week we're asking: do you own a smartwatch? If so, let us know your pick and whether or not it's living up to expectations.

And if you don't own one, we'd be intrigued to know what's stopping you?

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I own a pocket watch because I already have a phone that needs charging relentlessly, as well as a tablet, and a laptop, and a cybernetic implant (that I keep forgetting to charge). Oh and there's my portable “power bank”.

I have enough things to charge.
QOTW: Do you own a smartwatch?
I do not.

And if you don't own one, we'd be intrigued to know what's stopping you?
Without even owning one, they already don't live up to my expectations.
Everything it does is already done by my phone, and for most of what it does I'd only need to get my phone out of my pocket anyway. I also hate the idea of being tied to yet another device that needs charging every 1-2 days. This is supposed to be technological progress and innovation, not indenturing myself into slavery!!

As for making a statement - I still wear my 1986 Casio DB55W Databank watch… that's vintage by the way, not retro. Haven't needed to change the battery in at least 9 years…!
Had I been able to afford the relevant Seiko Pulsemeter model, I'd be wearing that instead!
and a cybernetic implant

More info required, please….. maybe with photos, if it's family-friendly? :)
Not even a watch.
The smartphone is enough…
Do I own one? In a shocking revelation …… no.

And if you don't own one, we'd be intrigued to know what's stopping you?

How long have you got?

TLDR version :–

- not much point without a smartphone
- same privacy issues as a smartphone
- this one's the killer …. the only ‘function’ I really want/need is to tell time and that's …. ummmm ….. why I already have a watch. Or rather, several.