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Samsung may have lost against Apple in the US, but not in Japan

by Alistair Lowe on 31 August 2012, 10:08

Tags: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Samsung (005935.KS)

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When the case between Apple and Samsung in the US concluded, we somehow knew that even then, legal battles would rage on. Samsung is already intending to take the US case to the court of appeals where, it's expected a new focus will be placed on the validity of Apple's patents themselves, as opposed to asking, did Samsung copy or not?

It was revealed by Google, in an announcement, where it felt like the firm was reaching a boiling point, that the United States Patent Office was also reviewing Apple patents, perhaps after much criticism over the simplicity of some of the patents covering basic data manipulation; a little pre-filtering would certainly help to speed along future cases. During the Apple v Samsung case, Google took the opportunity to file its own suit covering seven patents, some of which would have a serious impact on 'Siri', one of the biggest drivers behind the firm's modern smartphones. This appears to have prompted some response from Apple as CEO, Tim Cook, quickly picked-up the phone with Google's Larry Page to hold secret discussions.

Siri Understands

In Europe and Australia, Apple has yet to win a significant case with relation to patent and design infringement, with most initially successful bans overturned during appeal and, with Motorola maintaining a permanent ban on iCloud push services within Germany, effective enough, it seems, that Apple has just struck a licensing deal with the firm in the region for some of its fair-use patents. In the UK, in a case against HTC, whilst it was deemed the now famous 'bounce-back' patent wasn't relevant, the Judge did rule that 'slide-to-unlock', amongst other big patents were invalid - likewise - it was found that Samsung's GALAXY Tab didn't infringe upon the iPad, seeing Apple ordered to advertise that Samsung did not copy Apple.

Most recently, Japanese courts also announced that Apple patents covering data transfer between devices were out-of-scope, when held against Samsung's GALAXY smartphone range, ordering Apple to pay all legal fees. Japan is one to keep a close eye on, as another case brewing on the horizon also relates to the bounce-back patent.

Shockingly, it really is still early days in these patent wars.

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it's expected a new focus will be placed on the validity of Apple's parents themselves …

Freudian slip, Alistair…? ;)
it's expected a new focus will be placed on the validity of Apple's parents themselves …

Freudian slip, Alistair…? ;)
Haha good spot!

relates to the the bounce-back patent.
It's very much tit for tat at the moment, it doesn't seem that the US ruling has impacted too much on the popularity of the Galaxy range. Can't help feeling that if Google and the android manufaturers such as Samsung, Motorola dn Sony teamed up they'd be able to knock apple back…
Just wish they would start to get tough on this. All this is doing is slowing down the rate at which the handset prices are falling, while filling lawyers pockets with huge sums of money.

It's a really stupid ruling. Yes the phones look slightly similar but at the end of the day what shape is Samsung meant to make their phones? Also the icons are similar again what shape do they expect them to be. Next someone will sue as they invented a button on a mobile.