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Apple vs Samsung, the fight continues

by Alistair Lowe on 10 August 2012, 10:28

Tags: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Samsung (005935.KS)

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Despite kicking-off at the end of July, it still feels as though the Apple vs Samsung patent case in the US is only just getting underway.

Apple made the claim that "Samsung was making ugly devices and afterwards everything looked like the iPhone and the iPad." Samsung countered, claiming that design elements such as rounded-corners have been industry standard for many years and reminded the courts that the firm had been making phones since 1991, whilst Apple leapt into the market for the first time in 2007, utilising technology that was made possible by Samsung and other establishing firms.

The case began with Apple displaying early iPhone prototypes in response to Samsung accusations that the firm also looked to other companies for inspiration, with Apple reclaiming some ground by showing a similar prototype that pre-dated an accused design that was inspired by Sony; though questionably, elements from the Sony design were present in the iPhone, such as the combination of a glossy black and metallic finish, which if we're talking about the Galaxy S smartphone, was perhaps the most striking similarity.

Samsung Sales in the US

Most recently, both firms have been required to disclose sales figures, with Samsung revealing that in the US, across its GALAXY line-up from Q3 2010 to Q2 2012, the firm had shifted 21 million 'accused' smartphones. Apple on the other-hand quoted global sales figures, revealing that since the launch of the first iPhone, the firm has sold 85 million iPhones and 34 million iPads.

Apple worldwide sales

It's interesting to note that Apple made $50 billion from its 85 million iPhone sales, at Samsung margins in the US, had the firm sold as many devices proportionally across its range, its revenue would have been closer to $30 billion, demonstrating that on average, Samsung operates on only 60 per cent of the profit margins Apple does.

There's a good few weeks left in this case; it's expected that next the two firms will be disclosing statements of customer feedback, so stay tuned.

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Surely all they do is harm themselves by having all their company secrets exposed to the world in court? All smartphones look broadly similar, can't they just deal with it!

What next? Suing oven manufacturers suing over the brushed aluminium with a black window look - they do look kinda like a powered down iMac.
I don't think it's really harming samsung, apple are making themselves look very bad though.
So there's this company with such great imagination they name themselves after 1796 identified apple variety accusing others of being less than innovative for using rounded edges on their devices as well? Could we please get x-ray scans of their cranials making sure their brains were not bitten off just like “their” company's logo is? Or politely ask Ontario Heritage Foundation to sue Apple for making a public mockery out of McIntosh (The Mac) apple variety? Or maybe the city of New York could step in? Someone? Please!
All Samsung need to do is stop making Ax(x) cpu's for Apple…sorted. Bet they ain't got the balls though. Or perhaps suddenly increase the price by 200%
All Samsung need to do is stop making Ax(x) cpu's for Apple…sorted. Bet they ain't got the balls though. Or perhaps suddenly increase the price by 200%

and send the business to another supplier instead? so they lose out on how many millions of business each year?