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Vevo.com re-launched for desktop

by Mark Tyson on 28 April 2016, 23:01

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Vevo.com has just been re-launched for desktop. This means its main site has been redesigned and reimagined using HTML5 code to match the experiences that have been rolling out to users of the Vevo apps on iOS, Android and Apple TV. Overall it is said, by Vevo, to offer "a vast improvement over what we have today." As this story goes live, so should the new Vevo.com site.

The old Vevo site

Many people may know of Vevo more for its presence on YouTube than in its own right. If you go looking for music on YouTube you will find many a track/artist music video sports the VEVO logo at the bottom left. However it's not just delivering 'all-premium' music via YouTube, it has its own apps and dedicated website that has just been updated.

The new Vevo site

Vevo.com is said to be very important to the company as it provides as many views as all the separate apps combined. The website, which you can log-in to for a personalised experience across platforms, if you so wish, has been updated by implementing the following:

  • A completely redesigned UI for desktop, mobile and tablet web that now matches the mobile app and tvOS experiences
  • Smart onboarding feature that asks you to select your favourite genres; then as you choose from among your favourite artists, the app learns as you go, generating smarter, personalized artist recommendations (you can login to your account or just browse as a standalone experience – this is what sets us up for subscription)
  • Personalized 'Spotlight' feed of recommended videos and playlists
  • Larger video player for a better viewing experience
  • The home page will now include: Spotlight, new releases, top videos, featured playlists, genres, recently watched (much easier to navigate and discover new artists and videos)
  • Improved streaming quality with HTML5

Onboarding page

It's good to see another site remove any reliance upon Adobe Flash. The HTML player will also be a bonus for people who prefer to eschew apps and instead visit this-and-that site via their smart device's web browser.

The new watch page

Will the new Vevo.com help the firm make a dent in the popularity of YouTube? It would be good if that happens, if only because companies enjoying dominant and monopolistic market positions usually aren't as amicable to their contributors, for example.

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Will it make a dent in youtube.. not likely when they show all their stuff on youtube too (normally artist followed by vevo in name). To be honest I didn't even realise they had their own website.