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Official UK music streaming chart to launch next week

by Alistair Lowe on 10 May 2012, 09:49

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Next week, the Official Charts Company will launch a new UK 'Top 100 Streaming Chart', in recognition of the ever increasing impact music streaming has on the industry, where income is generated through either a subscription service or ad revenue, which, according to a survey from the BPI now forms 4.5 per cent of industry revenue, with a 30 per cent growth witnessed last year. The Charts Company estimates that this was the result of over 2.6 billion audio streams reaching the ears of the UK population throughout 2011.

Among the firms included in the streaming rankings are Spotify, We7, Napster, Deezer, Zune (X Box Live) and mobile start-up ChartsNow; "This is a true coming-of-age moment for music streaming in the UK. Services such as Spotify, Deezer, Napster and We7 have been building their audiences over the past few years and are now delivering millions of audio streams every week to hundreds of thousands of music fans. For the first time, from next week, we will have transparency on exactly what they are listening to on these new services." announced Official Charts Company managing director, Martin Talbot.

Following its announcement, the Official Charts Company took the opportunity to give us a preview of the UK's top 10 most streamed artists:

  1. Ed Sheeran
  2. Lana Del Ray
  3. David Guetta
  4. Rihanna
  5. Coldplay
  6. Gotye
  7. Jessie J
  8. Emeli Sande
  9. Florence & The Machine
  10. Drake

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What utter tosh.

Might as well have a “heard it on the radio” chart as well…….

in fact, I do wonder why we still have a music chart at all any more.
I lost interest in music charts when they started to base them on iTunes sales.

That said, my “music taste” doesn't run to any of the list above - heck I've only heard of half of that list. I'll be interested to see if Slash's new album makes it into those charts when it/they launch. ;)

Wonder if the music companies are going to try to “game” this chart the same way that (so it's claimed) they did the normal music charts.
@crossy - I don't think I even recognise half of the list - Then again I am getting old ;) - I'll be 31 in two weeks and I tend to prefer stuff from before I was born!

With regards the story - I only ever used spotify free until I found I could get deezer mobile free on my new mobile contract (orange swappable) and have used it since. The thing is I only really use it to help me concentrate while coding at work…
@crossy - I don't think I even recognise half of the list - Then again I am getting old ;) - I'll be 31 in two weeks and I tend to prefer stuff from before I was born!
You're getting old? I'm half as much again closer to death/retirement - that makes me officially “ancient”. rofl.

Interesting article because I hadn't come across We7 or Deezer before - I'll have to have a closer look. And they seem to do “proper” music too.

Wonder why Last.FM isn't on the list of stations - or has that become old hat/“so last year”?
@crossy - I think Last.FM is classified as a radio as you can't choose the tracks you want - just an artist and it creates a playlist for you. Deezer mobile is free on orange contract with a swappable (panther only I think?) which is a nice bonus. By the way I don't think 31 is old I'm just commenting on the age music charts are aimed at!