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BBC Things To Do offers local activity suggestions

by Hugo Jobling on 6 June 2011, 20:52

Tags: BBC

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Keeping busy

As part of its plan to reshape its online services around a set of 10 'digital products,' the BBC has launched Things To Do - a collaborative work between the BBC and various of partners enabling users to search for activities in their area.

Things To Do is not, the BBC points out, a comprehensive listings site. The activities listen are specifically related to BBC TV and Radio programmes, with the intention being to facilitate viewers and listeners finding events related to those programmes; not just events in general.

bc things to do

The site pulls collates information from a number of other BBC sites presenting it in a consolidated, easily searchable interface - simply enter a town city or postcode to be presented with a list of nearby upcoming events and activities. The elegant, pared down interface makes filtering these events a trivial task.

The third parties who provide this information to the BBC - including events organisers both internal and external to the BBC, such as the National Trust and Culture24 - will benefit from having a single, central interface in which to enter the detail of relevant events, which will then appear in all of the various appropriate locations around the BBC.

The next stage of development will see the launch of a dedicated mobile site for Things To Do, with further improvements for the main website promised thereafter.

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“..between the BBC and various of partners enabling…”
Sense, makes little of.

"…activities listen are…“

”…The site pulls and collates information…"
Missing ‘and’?

The article also appears to stop rather abruptly. Sounds like a nice idea, I'll have to give it a try sometime, I actually like the idea of the listing being related to current TV and radio content.