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Intel acquires computer vision firm Itseez

by Mark Tyson on 27 May 2016, 11:01

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Intel has announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Itseez Inc. As evident from the name, Itseez is a specialist in computer vision technology and its solutions already ship integrated into a variety of automotive, security and machine vision products. The acquisition builds up Intel's portfolio of IP and tech to address attractive markets such as automotive, video, and the Internet of Things.

Itseez provides a good overview of the applications of its computer vision technology within the markets and applications pages of its website. Intel says that the acquired firm will "become a key ingredient for Intel’s Internet of Things Group (IOTG) roadmap, and will help Intel’s customers create innovative deep-learning-based CV applications like autonomous driving, digital security and surveillance, and industrial inspection." Another attractive quality of Itseez is that it has been a key contributor to computer vision standards initiatives including OpenCV and OpenVX.

Intel foresees computer vision as being key to the third distinct phase of IoT evolution: which it classifies as "the autonomous era". In this era, IoT devices can utilise constant connectivity and intelligence "to make real-time decisions based on their surroundings". Computer vision is a key technology for this step, just as our vision guides us in our daily lives. It will form part of Intel's end-to-end IoT solutions for some customers.

As well as watching the road, the Itseez ADAS monitor checks up on the driver.

Industry forecasts repeatedly predict stellar growth in the IoT and autonmous driving industries and Intel is making acquisitions, such as Itseez, to make sure it doesn't miss the boat in providing solutions and standards.

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Worth pointing out that Itseez are the maintainers of OpenCV which is an (ex?) Intel project, so they've probably been involved with a fair amount of collaboration anyway.