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Intel poaches BBC’s digital guru

by Pete Mason on 19 January 2011, 12:32

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), BBC

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Intel has just announced that it has hired the BBC's Erik Huggers to head up its Digital Home Group.

Huggers might not be a household name, but he's made quite an impact since joining the Beeb. He moved from Microsoft's Windows Media Technologies group in 2007 and was instated as the director of Future Media & Technology.

During his tenure he was responsible for the delivering the Corporation's content over the Internet, as well as overseeing Interactive TV and mobile content. Considering the success of the BBC's digital platforms over the last few years, we'd say that Huggers had been doing a pretty good job, too. According to Director General Mark Thompson in an e-mail announcing the move to staff, the exec is also behind a planned 'refocusing' of the BBC's online presence that will apparently see half of its websites cut in an effort to save money.

Of course, Huggers' departure will certainly save Auntie some money. The exec was paid a whopping £407,000 last year, and found himself in hot water for claiming expenses of over £600 for a single minicab. His role will be filled by his current deputies overseen by Chief Technology Officer John Linwood.

Huggers commented that "this is a tremendous opportunity to build a new business for silicon, software and services to unlock the potential of high-quality connected media experiences in the living room."

Intel CEO Paul Otellini added, "Erik's background and vision for delivering new platforms, interactive content and services to consumers are an outstanding fit for Intel, and I am thrilled to welcome such a talented person to drive this key strategic business for Intel."

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