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Zepto Computers throws in the towel

by Scott Bicheno on 20 November 2009, 11:10

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Trading still tough

Almost a year ago HEXUS reviewed a high-end laptop from Danish vendor Zepto Computers, and ventured that it will be a brand we hear more about in future. Sadly we have for all the wrong reasons, with its filing for bankruptcy on 17 November.

NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen transferred the company to the suspension list upon receiving the news that the board of Zepto had filed for bankruptcy on behalf of the company. The Danish NASDAQ had put Zepto on the observation list on 2 July 2009.

There doesn't seem to be an announcement from Zepto in English, but when we called we were directed to the announcement in Danish and advised to use Google Translate, so that's what we did. Here are the key paragraphs as translated by Google:

The reason for the decision is published in First North Announcement No. 20/2009 that it could not achieve the expected results and the Board considers that it cannot safely continue to be operated under current economic conditions.

Since it has not been possible to obtain additional financing to the company's board - late been forced to take the above steps.

The Board expects that the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen will treat gene as soon as possible and appoint a liquidator, which will then constitute the leadership of the company.

The Governing Board recognizes that its current management has done a great and competent entry rate to save the company, but despite this, it has not been possible to imple - re the required turnaround of the company.

So far we have been unable to confirm any details concerning warranties or undelivered items, but we can confirm that the sales line is being answered, by English speakers, on +45 70 204 304.


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They've actually made some really nice laptops over the last few years. It's a shame really.

I noticed a few weeks back their models were reducing down to the barest of bones. Oh well another bites the dust.
no, but really…who?
This is a crying shame…

I adore my NoxA15. Now i'm still paying for something with no warranty. Very unimpressed. Hope someone pics up the remains and brings them back to life.
Kinda hard for someone to pick up the pieces when nobody knows where they're laying, or that they do, indeed, exist.