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Evesham being put out of its misery?

by Ian Tegrity on 10 February 2008, 19:17

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No more pain

Sources have indicated that Evesham Technology, traditionally one of the powerhouses of the UK PC industry, seems to be finally giving up the fight after first going into administration last August....

As recently as last month Evesham was still insisting things were fine, in spite of continual layoffs and a brand image heavily tarnished by the company's well publicised financial problems.

Chairman Richard Austin blamed an over-exposure to the government's HCI scheme when it was prematurely axed for the company being forced into administration. Evesham only emerged from administration when Tahir Mohsan bailed it out with a $22 million investment. This was the same Tahir Mohsan who had taken Time Computers into administration in 2005.

It remains unclear what the staus of Evesham's creditors are and if any Evesham warranties will be maintained.

Update 11th Feb, 12:20

A caller to Evesham's general enquiries number (0870 160 9500) was told that Evesham had gone into liquidation on the 4th January but that they had been "trying to keep it going". However, as of last Friday, the caller was told that they had stopped taking new orders and now they were just trying to service warranties.

Upon speaking to a sales-person through that same number, however, the caller was given no indication that there would be anything to prevent them buying a PC from Evesham. An attempt to buy a PC through the website again proceeded all the way to the payment details stage.

There appear to be mixed messages coming from Evesham. Is it in liquidation? Are they trying to keep it going? Can you buy a PC from them? Are they honouring warranties?

Let's not forget that Evesham responded to stories about it going into liquidation on the 4th January by issuing a statement saying it was still in business.

Further update: Evesham Technology in liquidation but still seemingly selling PCs  

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Maybe Richard Branson could offer to come in for yet anothe failing company..
Not looking good….

How could Evesham be in trouble so fast after the investment they received from Time?:confused:
Evesham's HQ is also up for sale, and has been since January.

Sign says “For Relocation / May Let” which is to avoid rumors. I think pretty much everyone left there is going to be out of a job very soon….

Talking to some local delivery drivers they say the number of drops has reduced significantly, so they aren't buying in stock, just trying to use up whats left no doubt and then pull the plug.

Shame really…..