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A new category is born

Tags: Gem, Flip Video (NASDAQ:CSCO)

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Press release

Enter the pocket-cams - the everyday, easy to use portable video camera at an affordable price, and Gem is the only distributor to stock the major players!

It's rare that a new product hits the market that responds to changing fashions and evolving consumer choice. The pocket-cam is one of these products. Creating a new category in the channel and revolutionising the consumer electronics market, the pocket-cams have received high levels of interest from consumers wanting the latest gadget.

The pocket-cam is an everyday, easy to use portable video camera at an affordable price. The momentum of the category, led by Flip (the brand that started it all by exploding onto the market earlier this year) is ever growing and looking to achieve massive peak season success.

"Gem's experience in bringing new technologies to market has resulted in exclusive distribution of Flip's Ultra and Mino as well as a partnership with digital photography leaders Kodak as they launch their HD based Zi6." Simon Lee, Commercial Director, commented. "Gem are the only distributor to offer the channel the four current market leading products in the pocket-cam category providing a rare and exciting opportunity to give our customers unrivalled choice."

Flip Video Ultra - positioned as a great convenient, simple to use, point and shoot camera at the affordable price point of £99.99 and thanks to excellent reviews and sales the Ultra has been established firmly as the category leader.

Flip Mino - providing a range extension to the Flip family, the camera is 40% thinner than its older brother and is a sexier product for consumers who want the same crucial functionality, but with a sleeker look and feel.

Also available  - The Vado, Creative's answer to the Flip retails for £20 less than the Ultra, the difference only noticeable in the picture quality in low light conditions. Kodak's Zi6 is the last major edition to the category, distributed by Gem, and adds the concept of HD recording to the pocket-cam initiative and utilises its full HD capability with an additional memory card (purchased separately).

Gem have created an FSDU to support the category at retail. For more information please contact Gem Creative on 01279 822800.