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New rock killer notebook line-up featuring Intel Centrino 2 and nVidia 9800M graphics

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Press release

The new notebook line up from rock, the UK’s no.1 performance notebook manufacturer, delivers only the very best in next generation technology. Marrying raw power from the generals of the Micro processor world, Intel, and heart stopping, revolutionary gaming technology from graphics innovators, nVidia, the new notebook line up from rock boasts a serious combination of killer computing components for outright computing fanatics. 

Whether you’re a technology novice, an inspired multi-tasker or an extreme user, Intel’s new Centrino 2 processor promises groundbreaking advancements to revolutionise what technology can do for you. Work smarter, play harder and get more done by running multiple applications simultaneously and have the breakthrough performance you need to push the limits of the hottest, newest software, including; digital media like HDTV, video editing and online 3D gaming. Intel Centrino 2 also includes a cooler, more efficient processor design which ultimately contributes to cooler, quieter running notebooks. 

Intel’s Centrino 2 technology is complimented by nVidia’s new, revolutionary 9800M graphics power. Breaking the boundaries to deliver never before seen, unparalleled levels of graphics realism and film-quality effects, the new nVidia 9800M graphics with full Direct X10 support opens up a whole new world of immersive entertainment. Featuring the second-generation NVIDIA PureVideo® HD video engine, the GeForce 9800M GPU’s delivers full 1080p, eye-popping visual clarity for Blu-ray, HD DVD, and high-definition videos and because PureVideo HD takes care of the video decoding, instead of the already hard at work CPU, battery life is extended, fan noise reduced and the systems CPU freed up for other important tasks such as multitasking. 

The new rock notebooks are as always, fully configurable to suit your specific needs. With a wealth of options including a state of the art Blu-Ray Writer rock gives you the freedom and flexibility to imagine and create your very own dream machine.  

The new rock notebook line will be available to pre order from the 15th July, with shipments commencing in August. Each rock notebook features rock’s award winning 3 year European-wide warranty as standard, underlining its commitment to quality and after sale care. Please visit www.rockdirect.com for more information.

Pricing to be confirmed shortly.