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Former Evesham staff start tech-support company

by Scott Bicheno on 30 December 2008, 16:10

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Making a go of it

HEXUS.channel spoke to Daunter to find out more. "Evesham was the biggest technical employer in the area, so a lot of people had to commute a long way when they stopped working there," he explained.

So he formed Tewktech (of which he is MD), a computer services company specialising in Evesham PCs. "We're four full-time people and some other guys who help out; all formerly at Evesham," said Daunter.

We asked him how business is going. "We're getting 20-30 enquiries per day and email support is free," said Daunter. "If the momentum is kept up we can make money from it."

Questioned about about Total Care and Support, and to what extent it is still offering support to Evesham customers, Daunter said: "The warranty can't be functioning that well or we wouldn't have a business."

"It's been a struggle but we're trying to make a go of it," said Daunter in conclusion. "The people you trusted are still here."


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our company took on a few ex-evesham techs, only 2 of them left now and one is so full of himself he has been moved out the way into a corner. the rest were bloody useless and didnt know the basics unless they had an engineer to ask what to do next.
What company do you work for GoNz0?
i dont want to say as they may know who they are ;)
I hope they do well…. they probably won't do well, but I hope they do.
Goodluck to them.