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Vertagear flaunts world's first wireless RGB gaming chair


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Completely pointless, or actually kinda cool?

RGB lighting is all the rage among PC gaming manufacturers, and though it isn't everyone's cup of tea, if done right it can bring a whole new ambience to your setup.

Extending the illumination from the desk to the chair is Vertagear, whose PL4500 is being introduced as the world's first wireless RGB gaming chair. The battery-powered and rechargeable seat communicates via a USB dongle and can integrate with NZXT's CAM software utility, allowing for multiple effects and the option to enable adaptive lighting that responds to on-screen action in supported games.

Illumination is spread across two zones - the area above the shoulders, viewable from front and back - and an under glow at the base of the chair. Aimed primarily at the streaming crowd, whose goal is to stand out and by seen, the RGB-illuminated PL4500 looks quite trendy in the flesh, and happens to be extremely comfortable. The catch? Battery life is rumoured to be good for only 12 hours, meaning regular charging between marathon gaming sessions. Oh, and there's the small matter of a $399 price tag.

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More to the point…why are you using Flash on your website in 2018?

And…pointless..totally pointless
Base lighting is pretty pointless, but the stuff up around the shoulders looks kinda cool in a Star Trekky sort of way. Minor accenting, with power indicators and lit logo… the latter of which I would hope can be replaced with something custom.
I think I am RGB psychic.
I think I am RGB psychic.
Nah, you just watch Linus Tech Tips…
I won't be happy until we have RGB wiring so the inside of our PC's look like fibre optic Christmas trees /s