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2018 Lenovo ThinkPads best yet


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Dolby Vision screen, far-field audio, and 8th Gen Core.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 range of laptops are some of the most beautiful around, marrying bulletproof build quality with near-perfect ergonomics. The start of the year usually sees the range updated, and 2018 is no exception.

The X1 carbon now houses the 8th Gen Kaby Lake-R processors. That's to be expected. What's more novel is (upcoming) support for Dolby Vision HDR on the non-touch model. Seeing it in the flesh, with brightness upped to 500 nits, is a feast for the eyes, so you may soon be enjoying Netflix in all its glory. Prices start at $1,709.

The X1 Yoga, meanwhile, also features far-field microphones, presumably to enable Alexa integration. It too features an Intel CPU upgrade to 8th Gen technology. Lovely bits of kit.

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Lenovo really needs to work on their spyware problem. Or, perhaps, “not work on it” would be more appropriate.