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MSI focusses on M.2 cooling on multiple X299 motherboards


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Seems like hot drives have become a real concern.

The Intel X299 chipset has been a talking point for enthusiasts. All the major motherboard companies have mutiple models on show, with retail availability scheduled for late June. MSI is no different, though it chose to use the chipset launch to show off improved M.2 cooling over previous generations. We particuarly like the pincer-like cooling on the Gaming M7. Take a look at the video to learn more.

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I was genuinely fighting to understand this man… Please someone at MSI start some language courses…
Ios 11 is cool and its new features are amazing
Agree couldn't understand most of what he was trying to say
I thought we already established that those thin little tin plates are worse than useless for M.2 cooling?
Does this one work or (like the last) make the situation worse?