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MSI X99A 'Godlike' Gaming motherboard ships with bling factor


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Customisable lights with 2,000-plus combinations.

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I've always loved MSI kit, but it seems like they've now made a motherboard ESPECIALLY FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :lol:
Little over the top with the Android App, but the idea of a motherboard with some LED's that are not power whelming is nice.
I quiet like that, lights and stuff don't interest me too much but customisable RGB lights on the motherboard could be rather striking. I hope they add them to there next series of mini ITX boards.
I don't have an android device, so I guess that makes the most interesting feature completely redundant for me. Why not have an app that lets you control it from within Windows?

I'd like to see the lighting filter down to their cheaper boards too. I can't imaging ever having a need for an an X99 mobo.
I still find it hard to believe that they build a high end mobo, bling it the ends of the earth but don't use a right angled 20+4p connector !