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Lian Li showcases DK-02 dual-computer desk


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Houses two complete PCs and has room for three monitors.

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With the desk mount this is very appealing to me. I might get the DK01 1200mm desk chassis for my next system, or the next iteration of this case, because I like the idea of having my computer built into the desk.
I like the single system ones. I'm struggling to understand the dual ones, although I guess it could be good if you have friends visiting a lot, or you game with your partner.
still think it's going to be unstable when open….

As to the dual system - 1 system is main gaming rig, the second rig could be a mitx server
OMG that's sexy, could have a server on the m-atx and have my pc next to it would be awesome. Sadly they will want a silly amount of money for it. :(
Brilliant! Until you spill that first drink on the desk. Then not so good…