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Kingston readies 1TB USB 3.0 stick. May cost over $4,000


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HyperX Predator crazy capacity matched by crazy price.

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“Yeah, so this USB stick here contains 64GB!!! Cost me around 30 quid”
“Mate, that's nothing I've got one that holds 1TB! AND it only cost me $4,000”
“Haha whatever, prove it..”
“Eat your words my friend, it's right h… hold on it might be in this pocket…. or maybe I left it on my desk… oh bother”
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so whats wrong with something like a touro 1tb for Ā£65 that does 60mb/s ?
thats just as portable.

although it doesnt have the cool factor does it.
but atleast youll have $3900 to buy a snow machine which makes everything else cool :p

i think theyre not going to have that many sales.
As the interview says, this is really for IT use, not personal.
Why not concentrate on a 1tb SSD instead of a 1tb flash drive.