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Hands on with Antec's prototype Reverse chassis


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Upside down you're turning me...

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decent idea, i already have my GPU the other way up in my TJ08-E with its reversed design and it seems to make more sense, particularly avoiding GPU heat rising into the area of the CPU
At last…. Antec shows some sensible case design again… Shame the competition is years ahead. This is not bad, but there are better cases already on the market.
I kind of get the concept, but I think they are missing a key point. Yes the GPU will get better cooling at the top because it is closer to the exhaust fan, but most GPUs suck air in to the GPU heatsink and then blow it out of the back or in some cards it will blow out towards the front and back of the case (ie ATI 6990 reference design), so wouldn't the fan at the top create turbulence? And how would this benefit the second or third cards in SLI/Crossfire configurations?
Cool idea. Looks like a rock solid chassis too. $199! Thats Cosmos II prices