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Computex 2010 :: Pre-show chaos!


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Steve takes a walk around the Nangang show halls at Computex 2010, Taipei and manages to find a few gems in the chaos.

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That Nicole girl seemed a bit hyper for a pre-show
so were supposed to say whether we are a bigger fan or not.. yet you (steve) dont even say who you are in your intro (on any of the videos). shocking :P

im taking a wild stab in the dark guess that your the steve who runs the servers whos finally been unchained now that HEXUS seems to be have been stable for a while. it's a reward for good work. :) just need more practice infront of the camera. but you've got a lot to follow on from the master nick, hes set the bar so high it'd take at least 2 tasers at the same time to even reach his level ;)
Stevie, I hate you… though I AM la-la-la-la-laaaa-LOVIN' the taser idea. :)
See I'm so selfless that I don't introduce myself. Besides, once everybody knows my name, I'll be bored of having fans.

And you can stay the hell away with your tasers.
It should be a written rule that any Hexus staff that get infront of the camera get the taser treatment, after all equal opportunities and all that, right?