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Computex 2010 :: Eyefinitly better 3D experience at Sapphire


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Want triple screen 3D without the expense of going SLI? Seems that Sapphire can help you with that...

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Just to confirm, NVIDIA can do 3D, on a single monitor (LCD or projector), with one graphics card, through active LCD shutter glasses.

However, to run 3D on multiple monitors, which NVIDIA terms as 3D Vision Surround, one needs an SLI setup - for the appropriate connections and horsepower - and the aforementioned glasses. NVIDIA also needs to release a long-overdue driver for multiple-monitor 3D support, too.

NVIDIA doesn't think of the two-card requirements as an obvious drawback, mainly because the necessary oomph to drive three 1080p screens at 120Hz - required for 3D - with fluid framerates is a job that's probably too far for even a single GTX 480. We'd like to see Aliens vs. Predator DX11 run at 5,760x1,080.

Select monitors can also provide the necessary gubbins for 3D Blu-ray playback.

On the AMD side, the flexibility of Eyefinity means that Sapphire can reduce the number of cards to one - preferably a high-end model - and then route the specific Zalman monitors out of the back.