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MSI's Stirling Engine - blast (of air) from the past


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They say that sometimes, in order to go forwards, you need to go backwards - and that is exactly what MSI is looking at with this device. Based on some age-old principals, the chipset cooler uses no power and only comes on when needed.

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Time for my Adam Hart-Davis impression…

MSI are looking at zero-power cooling solutions for the future and followed the lead of a man whose invention has the highest efficiency of any heat-powered engine. His name is Reverend Dr. Robert Stirling

/cycles off in pink lycra shorts
/cycles off in pink lycra shorts
Is that part of the Adam Hart-Davis impression, or just your normal Monday morning attire?
…morning attire…
Impersonation - the Monday morning one is similar but involves yellow lycra and a strategically positioned banana ‘for lunch’ ;)
It's my Friday night attire… :P

Nick, thats so wrong on many levels :D