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MSI prepares eeeePC killer - solid-state notebook for launch


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MSI looks set to give the Asus eeeeeeePc a swift kick in the tech-z with this great looking, Diamondville-powered ultra mobile PC. Richard Stewart takes Nick through the key details - we can't wait to see how the final production version performs...

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Cool. If this is priced around the eeePC sort of range, then it'll definatly be worth looking at.

Any ideas as to release date?
Why was that MSI guy so reluctant to speak about the processor in this?

Back in January,an executive from MSI told PCWorld.com “when Diamondville is ready, our project will be ready”.

PC World - MSI Readying Diamondville Low-Cost Laptop

Also reported on Engadget.
I was going to ask the question what's diamondville? but I decided to look it up instead, for anyone else who is wondering, I'd heard of it under it's other name the Intel Atom - Intel Atom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So is it going to be called Atom or Diamondville? Or am I even correct in thinking they are the same thing? - Because that wiki page also calls it Silverthorne.
Both :)

Silverhorn and Diamondwille areboth coming under the Atom branding

I've been trying to find out the differences between them, but I can't find anything concrete right now.
I thought Diamondville was the codename, and Atom was a brand name along the lines of Centrino? Could be wrong there though.