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HEXUS.gaming :: Ahead of Nick's review of Warmonger, we re-examine PhysX


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Intel's purchase of Havok has re-stimulated talk about in-game effects. Designed from the ground up to use PhysX, Warmonger is now available as a FREE DOWNLOAD. We speak with Ageia to hear some remarkably honest self-appraisal.

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Figured that this one might be an idea to show now… cos the game if free !

Stick that one in yer stocking - alongside the socks, ties and Barry Manilow CDs :D
nice video :)

I cant help think that we dont really need additional cards to do physics.. if game developers optimized their games for multi core in the first place we would have games full of special physics effects…. wouldn't we?
… and with the recent Intel acquisition of Havok then I'm optimistic that this will now happen. PhysX is a redundant technology, I can't believe they keep pushing this dead horse. Multi-core CPUs are becoming more and more available and the majority of computers now a days are sold with multi-core. Use the extra cores to handle physics. It's common sense, additional add-in boards do not make sense (well, not to me anyway).
I cant see it going very far tbh, graphics card's will start to incorporate this tech as they did in the past, look at how the 3Dfx cards were add-ons back in the P2/K6 days you had a 2d gfx card n a seperate 3d card, things should be going towards a 1 chip solution not a 3 chip solution as in the video, there doesnt need to be a CPU/GPU/PPU it should all be in a single die..
if I am reading the stuff right, PhysX is going through it's second level of usefulness now. It is gonna be easier for the game company to use the PhysX code to get additional stuff moving/bouncing/swirling than it is to get the core to do it.

I think that's the idea.

However….my wallet is firmly NOT out.