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What is the state of play with Ageia's PhysX - 18 months after launch?


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HEXUS first examined Ageia's PhysX proposition in April 2006. With WARMONGER and UNREAL TOURNAMENT 3 itching to go, Ageia asked HEXUS.tv to create a promo-feature that brings their complete story up to date...

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They are stubborn and determined little devils aren't they?I don't think these ‘physx’ are impossible to be rendered on a state of the art multi-core CPU and you're only getting more hardware that's going to give you that much more headaches with drivers/support/failures etc.Useless imo ;)
State of play: people care even less about the idea than they did a year back. Developers of big-name titles continue to annoy Ageia by using multi core CPUs in preference.
I think they're only still alive nw because numb-nutts know nothings by them because its expensive and is an extra bit to to add onto their ego.

I'm surprised they still think they're the mutts danglies even though a second GPU and / or a multicore CPU will do the same job in a more practical and useful way and at a fraction of the cost :)

I wonder what game he was on about that stopped his tank, couldn't have been anything in the past ten years, surely? LOL!
If they made no difference then why are games being developed with features that take advantage of the PysX? Surely it would be a poinless waste of the developer's budget?
When we were speaking with Dan, I have to say that his figure of “60% of future games will be developed with our software” seemed strong

If that is the case, and the only other serious contender in the middleware arena has been snapped up - then it will be interesting to see what happens with Ageia over the coming months

Ryszard's initial review in May 2006, struggled to see many bright spots with the Ageia offering

Now, 18 months on, they have kept plugging away on the DevRel and drivers - and picked up the deal with Dell for the XPS1730

Normally, people buy hardware and get a free game

With Warmonger being free, you could almost (OK - not quite - but within £40!) buy the hardware and get the game for nothing

On-going licensing for the UT3 engine would seem key here

If UT3 proves massively popular (and the PhysX aspect grabs the hardcore gamer's attention) - then 2007/8 could be a lot rosier for Dan & Co…

In the interview, Dan says himself that not going with a much stronger drive into the game developers early on was a mistake - let's see if it is one that they can rectify