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HEXUS - Computex 2007 :: 64GB Credit Card Drives in YOUR Wallet?


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PQI's Bruce Lee seduces Nick with 4GB storage devices you can wear as jewellery and 64GB credit card drives for the fellas (or was he just pleased to see us ?)

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I was hoping to see Bruce Lee in action.

Nick Haywood is like a finger pointing away to the moon

Focus too much on the finger - and you miss the moon completely

:D :geek: :D

On a personal note, I have to say that a 64GB Credit Card sized memory drive is EXACTLY what I want for Xmas !
Are you hoping your wife will be reading this, Andrzej? I have to say I find the chances of that pretty slim… :mrgreen:
I was hoping to see Bruce Lee in action.


Seriously, though - 64GB????