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Review: Vadim Fusion LQX PC - a sight to behold at £5,800

by Tarinder Sandhu on 2 October 2007, 09:30

Tags: Fusion-LQX-Intel-775G2-SLI, Vadim

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We recently looked at a high-end gaming PC from Ultraviolet that costs almost as much as a new car. We mused that, while spending £4,500 on a PC might leave most readers in a state of shock, there remains a reasonable number of buyers with almost unlimited amounts of cash and the desire to own a one-of-a-kind system.

And it's that sort of would-be buyer that Vadim Computers is also banking on. It sells a range of desktop PCs that are aimed a very different set of buyers than Dell or MESH target. What Vadim specialises in are systems that scream bespokeness and are likely to leave your bank manager screaming, too.

If the idea of spending £4.5K on a desktop PC leaves you screaming, know that the heavyweight system we're looking at today, the Vadim Fusion LQX Intel 775G2-SLI, isn't pitched at anything like that price.

[advert] That's cos it's a whole more - close on six grand in fact!

So, what signature touches has this enthusiast-orientated company come up with and is the hand-crafted package that it's put together worth that eye-watering price-tag? Let's find out...