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Review: Shuttle XPC SN95G5

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 30 September 2004, 00:00

Tags: Shuttle, AMD (NYSE:AMD)

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The Exterior II

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Shuttle emboss their name on both sides, above the perforation to allow air to flow into and out of the sides of the case, especially near the DDR DIMM slots and the graphics card (you can just about see an ASUS 9800 XT in the above photograph). The cover is black aluminium as you'd expect.

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The rear is usual G-series XPC, with the peripheral expansion ports underneath the port and grille for the PSU and the grille for the ICE cooler. Optical output from the on-board sound is at the top right, with the PCI and AGP expansion slots underneath. You can see a graphics card already installed.

Rear ports
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You get one serial port, optical input for the on-board sound, powered 6-pin FireWire400, PS/2 mouse and keyboard stacked on top of each other, Ethernet network port above a pair of USB2.0 ports, with the final digital output, line out, and six speaker ports making up the numbers. The SN95G5 supports Shuttle's USB wireless networking accessory and a parallel port, the cutouts for which are at the top and top left as you look at that photograph.

It's a usual compliment of ports for the higher specification XPCs, with nothing out of the ordinary. You still need a screwdriver for the AGP and PCI slot retention mechanism and Shuttle use hexagonal cutouts for the ICE cooler holes on the back, as opposed to round holes on earlier XPCs, but little has changed at the rear.