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Review: MESH Elite Fire X1950 PC

by HEXUS Staff on 2 October 2006, 08:58

Tags: MESH Computers

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With Intel Core 2 Duo processors shipping worldwide to e-tailers, OEMs and SIs, letting the world partake in a little bit of Intel's hot comeback action, the proliferation of supporting hardware and implementing systems has been steady. We've reviewed mainboards aplenty, the processors themselves and even full systems from the likes of Vadim and MESH.

And with the ATI Radeon X1950 XTX the big thing in graphics right now, common sense tells you a SKU or two pairing them up would show up sooner rather than later. Predictably, UK system builder MESH Computers were the first to show us the combination. We've had its Elite Fire X1950 in for evaluation for a wee while, and it's time to show you the closer look.

Those with £1600± to spend on a full PC system in the coming weeks will wish to pay close attention, and those expecting to pair up Core 2 Duo and X1950s in their own home builds will hopefully get a good look at potential performance as well. Someone for everyone, then, so onwards we go.