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Review: ABIT AB-2003 DigiDice SFF System

by Tarinder Sandhu on 1 December 2003, 00:00

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ABIT DigiDice SFF Review

ABIT wants in on the SFF (Small Form Factor) market. It seems to be a perfectly thought out business plan. ABIT manufactures a whole host of motherboards that are usually recognised via the hallmarks of expert tweakability, stability and, lately, rather good presentation. ABIT also knows how to make a fast motherboard. It's been doing that for years and years.

Amalgamate the talents of your motherboard-making business, add in a decent-looking SFF chassis from any major manufacturer, and you'll soon knock up a decent system in no time. Shuttle has been doing this for some time, and successfully, too. We've recently seen Soltek and Biostar offer up their own interpretations of what makes a decent SFF system. Both were decent in a number of ways but none were perfect.

ABIT, it seems, aims to extend the usefulness of the SFF platform by adding a few new touches to an established format. The ABIT DigiDice is the creation of ABIT's finest minds. Let's now see if the minds were stone-cold sober or under the influence when it came to penning a Shuttle-busting system.